Character Information
Gender: Female
Age: 46
Status: Dead
Spouse: Ex-Husband: Dale
Portrayed by: Onision
Vicky is a character created by the YouTuber Onision. She is the former spouse of Onision's other character, Dale, and the mother of Rod Danger and Sarah. She still lives with Dale despite them being divorced, has no job, and did not attend school.


Vicky is typically seen wearing a yellow shirt with colorful peace designs and a black and white striped scarf, although her outfits vary. Her hair is curly blonde and it used to go just above her elbows but was later cut down to shoulder-length. 


Vicky is very critical when it comes to certain things. She seems to look down upon her hermaphrodite son/daughter, Rod Danger. She also hates on Emo Charlie for being homosexual, for she says the Bible states it is wrong. She is very loud and overall disliked by many people because of her stupidity.


Vicky only takes interest in bands that 'excite her' such as One Direction and Justin Bieber, which angers Emo Charlie that she only appreciates their music for the band members and not the songs they produce.

Other Facts Edit

Vicky once left Dale for Emo Charlie.

Not many things are known about Vicky's first-born daughter, Sarah, besides the fact that she is favorited by Vicky.

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