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Years active: 2012–present
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2,092,658+ (last exact count)

UhOhBro (created May 27, 2012) is one of Onision's channels. He searches up a concept that has one or more instances of failure on the internet and will talk about the images concerning that. He may say things that offend sensitive people. He warns about this before the start of every video.

Late 2019-present Edit

On November 27, 2019, Onision put the channel on hiatus. He put out two more videos, albeit repeat uploads, that same month and then ceased uploading. He later uploaded some videos where he alluded to his current situation and videos and talked about general issues, but he made those videos private. He then began uploading short videos that featured computer made characters based on real life counterparts and returned to talking to viewers, this time not showing his face and playing a game as he was doing at the time on OnisionSpeaks.

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