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Did you know that...[]

-The Onision (Fandom) Wiki was part of something called the "YouTube Hub" for a very long time. Around mid-2020, it was removed from the hub.

-Wikis/fandoms switched over to a new software. Polls will not be able to be used as they once were and some actions have to be executed differently. Anyone is welcome to make the pages more palatable. All should know that this may or may not include James/Greg and/or Kai/Lucas, or their family/friends.

Significant Channel Events[]

-In late 2021 or 2022, likely the latter, OnisionSpeaks became "Speaks" and he permanently removed many videos from the channel. He has done a similar action with the main Onision channel.

-Onision lost his job on YouTube on January 19, 2021. His three main channels were cut off from monetization. It is unknown whether he will be able to hold down income from other channels he has created in the past, but it is unlikely.

-Kai (assumedly) turned off comments on every video on his main channel and later permanently deleted most videos.

-James turned comments back on in OnisionSpeaks and personally deleted almost all old videos off his OnisionSpeaks channel the day after Thanksgiving 2020, leaving many videos that have Shiloh in them as well as videos uploaded since he began his relationship with Kai. It is unknown how close his deletion date is to Kai's comment shut down. James also has a penchant for re-uploading old videos, so it is possible that he will re-upload the videos he deleted.

-On November 20th, Onision deleted at least one video from his main channel, or a number of underperforming ones.

Poll Results:

-21 people would have loved for Onision's husband to have dyed his hair blue prior to lockdown/quarantine and grown it out. Winner is blue with roots! Half that number likes his hair natural.

-10 people believe CPS will eventually make a visit that will result in a years-long arrest of both of them for child endangerment. A good number of people believe only one is going to prison.