Onision (129)
Channel Information
Years active: 2009–present
Subscribers: 1,689,000+

OnisionSpeaks (created on August 11) is one of Onision's channels. He speaks about haters, YouTubers, opinions and other things about him or not on his channel. Recently, he has also put types of videos on the channel that were originally only on his parent channel.

He has recently been losing many subscribers due to revelations and/or allegations by others that were previously affiliated with him about actions he took against others, his video choices and his censoring of opinions which he considers negative. Many of his videos only have a few dozen comments.

His channel is hit or miss with monetization. However, he continues to upload, likely due to patrons giving money for his videos.

In spring of 2019, Onision stopped all ability to comment on his videos and made likes and dislikes private.

Around the beginning of May that same year, he began allowing comments once more.

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