Kalel Cullen (Why Don't People
Like Her? + Muslims) Info
Kalel and Muslims
The video thumbnail featuring Kristin
Smith, who is known online as Kalel or Kalel Kitten, and at the time of this video, as Kalel Cullen
Video Information
Post date: December 20, 2015
Runtime: 2:13
Genre: Humorous/Informational
Views: 526,000+
Likes: 13,415
Dislikes: 1,448
Voiced by: Onision/Greg, which were the names
he went by at the time of this upload
Link: Click here
"A lot of people hate Kalel Cullen and Muslims. To all the Republicans watching, stop: you are not allowed to learn things, otherwise you would no longer be Republican. This is Kalel Cullen; she is obviously very pretty and looks completely Asian because racially identifying people is so important. She is also really groovy with color she dyes her hair. For some reason, people hate her. "
-Onision's words about Kalel at the beginning of the video

Kalel Cullen (Why Don't People Like Her? + Muslims) is a video uploaded to OnisionSpeaks.

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