Kai July 2019

Kai Elaine Avaroe A.png (born Anderson) is the husband of controversial youtuber James Jackson, known for his channel identity "Onision".

He had been known as Lainey for many years and recently transitioned to Kai and solely male pronouns. For many months, Gregory was the only one out of the two that referred to Kai as "Kai" and he did not correct Greg. In March 2019, Kai called himself Kai for the first time.

Kai has two children with Onision and has three dogs as family pets. he has a college degree in psychology and currently makes beauty and lifestyle videos, many sponsored. Kai also frequently makes videos about his children, although no personal information about the children is given. The videos on his main channel are released every two to three days.
Lainey 2019
Kai came into Onision's life when he tweeted him. They finally met when Kai was 17. In November of 2011, Kai and Onision got married. Kai became pregnant in 2013 and ceased posting stomach pictures and saying anything about the child due to vitriol in relation to Onision's online reputation. Then, on January 5th, 2014 their son, Troy, was brought into the world. Even less was said about their second child Cloey, who was born in 2016.

Kai loves to change his hair different colors. He has dyed it on video multiple times. His current hair color is reddish-orange and derived from box dye.

When Kai first began making YouTube videos, he was not confident and Gregory appeared in his videos to help them out. Kai has since become completely confident in his videos. Viewers have commented on the change. Gregory does still appear in his videos, the amount of video appearances heavily increased as of late 2018 and 2019.

Kai has recently taken up vaping, which has been met by much criticism due to still breastfeeding as well as the fact that Kai does not smoke, among other complaints.

Kai has mentioned many times that he has body dysmorphia, which has had mixed reactions from viewers.
In 2018, Kai and Greg downsized homes, due to Greg's declining views and tax debt, and moved into a smaller home in Gig Harbor, Washington. Kai has said he likes the home a lot.

For a long while, Kai did live streams on YouNow. Streams have not been regular since mid-July 2018.

Due to what is likely viewer reaction, comments on all of Kai's recent videos have been held for approval, but are never published. Older videos still have an open comment section. As a result, it is likely this is the reason Kai's subscriber count has been decreasing by about 50 subscribers a day.

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