The styled blue Haters United background, the background shades from all of the colors.

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Haters United is a show (secretly created by Onision, discovered in episode "DOUBLE SUICIDE") is ran by Rod Danger, and various partners. The point of this show is to unite all of Onision's "haters" to gather up and bash him, or hurt him, as Rod Danger likes to say. It is then discovered in the episode "ONISION ATTACKED!!! " that Rod Danger is actually Onision. And as always, they pretended a "plot retardation" as if that never occurred.

  • Each episode conatins short random bits of Rod and Sunny/Cloey (mostly Rod) making fun of Onision in a hysterical way (impressions, insults, etc.) and each joke is followed by the Haters United logo (on the right) in a random color, and proceeds onto the next scene.

Rod Danger's PartnersEdit

  • Sunny (Sept. 2008 - Oct. 2010)
  • Cloey (May 2011 - Nov. 2011)

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